Our Story

Melody’s Catering/Restaurant concept is well-defined as sophisticated organic dining – in which the producer and customer are brought together in Celebration – with the best in service and cutting-edge yet serene aesthetics.

Melody is harmony of all the finest and rarest ingredients. It’s a restaurant where the high class combines with amazing comfort, professional service and delicious refined food.

At Melody we offer you a wide variety of the top-qualified food, while preparing the genuine traditional receipts and ways of cooking are kept by experienced chefs. Some of our signature dishes include: Foie Gras, Chilean Seabass, Prime Rib Eye Steak, Fresh Tuna Tartar, Portuguese martini scallops and more. there are special offers for all guests.

The Melody’s menu is made in a way that there is an opportunity to select dishes for the festive table to any taste and any budget.

The Melody Restaurant can host a variety of different types of events and can provide all of the catering for you. Melody Catering Hall/Restaurant continuously strives to leave a memorable impression by welcoming, serving and thanking each guest with the utmost genuine and personalized hospitality.